Journalist Digambar Darade’s Insightful Books on Rishi Sunak and Sundar Pichai Shine at World Book Fair

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Pune/New Delhi, 19th February 2024: The literary world is buzzing with excitement as senior journalist Digambar Darade’s books, delving into the lives of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, take center stage at the World Book Fair in Delhi.

After an insightful journey to London, Darade’s revelations about various facets of Sunak’s personality have captivated the attention of readers. Hailing from a rural village in Pune, Digambar’s books are receiving a remarkable response, particularly from the youth and women attending the book fair in Delhi.

The books, available in both Hindi and English, have struck a chord with the younger audience, earning praise for their engaging narratives and fresh perspectives. The youth, in particular, have found inspiration in Darade’s exploration of Sunak’s life and achievements.

National Book Trust President Milind Marathe, during a visit to Pune’s only Marathi bookstall, lauded Darade’s works on Rishi Sunak and Sundar Pichai. Expressing his confidence that these books will serve as a source of inspiration for the younger generation, Marathe commended the author’s in-depth insights.

The Hindi translation of the book on Sundar Pichai, skillfully done by Manjiri Nitin Gajre, is gaining significant traction, with readers from around the world making a beeline for the book fair at Pragati Maidan in Delhi. Manoj Ambike of My Mirror Publications remarked on the global appeal of these books, highlighting the diverse audience they attract.

As the book fair continues until February 18, the spotlight remains firmly on Darade’s compelling narratives about two influential figures shaping the world we live in. With readers flocking from various corners of the globe, these books by Sundar Pichai and Rishi Sunak promise to leave a lasting impact on the literary landscape.