Pune Municipal Corporation Demolishes 500 Flats After People Buy Them

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Ambegaon, 29th December 2023: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is under scrutiny after demolishing around 500 flats in 11 buildings at Ambegaon Budruk, two years after issuing notices for unauthorized construction. The buildings, located on survey no. 10 near to Sinhagad College, became the center of controversy as citizens who had purchased homes were left homeless due to the sudden demolition.

The construction department had initially issued notices in 2021 during the early stages of construction. However, no immediate action was taken. Subsequent phased notices were issued in 2023, leading to the recent demolition on Thursday (28th December). The municipal corporation utilized a jaw crusher machine to bring down the constructions, covering an area of 45,050 square feet.

Former corporator Arvind Shinde expressed dissatisfaction with the PMC’s handling of the situation and filed a complaint with Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar. Shinde questioned why no action was taken when notices were initially issued in 2021, allowing construction to progress, resulting in around 500 occupied flats by 2023.

Hemant More, Executive Engineer of the Building Development Department, explained that notices were indeed issued in 2021, but details of the action taken at that time are not readily available. Notices were reissued in April 2023, with residents claiming they only received them a few days before the recent demolition. More stated that the current action was based on the renewed notices.

The incident has raised concerns about the delayed response of the municipal corporation, leaving citizens in distress. Former corporator Arvind Shinde has urged an inquiry into the conduct of junior engineers during the period of unauthorized construction in 2021, invoking Section 6 of the MRTP Act, 1964.

Unauthorized constructions continue to be a challenge in various parts of the city, particularly in suburban areas where flats are sold at lower prices, attracting common citizens. The PMC advises prospective homebuyers to ensure that flats have the necessary permissions from the Municipal Corporation and are registered with Maharera to avoid such consequences.