Pune Railway Division Organizes Family Mela for Running Staff and Families

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Sumit Singh 

Pune, 29th December 2023: Under the guidance of Indu Dubey, DRM Pune, a Family Mela for running staff and their families was organized in Pune Division on December 28, 2023.

The event witnessed an impressive turnout with a total attendance of 200+ individuals, including 60 families who actively participated in the Family Mela. As part of the activities, a session on the Art of Living was conducted for all the staff and families, facilitated by a professional instructor.


Participants engaged enthusiastically, learning techniques to manage stress and cultivate a sense of calm, fostering a positive atmosphere. The Mela featured addresses by DME (Operation) Pune and ADME (Operation) Pune, providing valuable insights.


Brijesh Kumar Singh, ADRM Pune Division, also graced the occasion, offering guidance to the staff and their families. The event aimed to raise awareness about the duties of running staff, emphasizing the importance of rest and maintaining a peaceful domestic atmosphere for overall well-being. Addressing concerns raised by some families regarding duties, positive solutions were provided.


In addition to informative sessions, a quick painting activity for the children of running staff was organized, boosting their morale. Small gifts of coloring kits were presented, adding a joyful touch to the event.


The Family Mela concluded on a positive note, followed by a delicious lunch, fostering a sense of community and well-being among the running staff and their families.