Pune Municipal Corporation Gears Up For Ganeshotsav Preparations

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Pune, 19th August 2023: Just like the fervent preparations of various Mandals for Ganeshotsav, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has embarked on its own arrangements to ensure a smooth and environmentally conscious celebration.


In alignment with the festivities, the focus is on setting up appropriate Visarjan Ghats and providing amenities to Ganesha Mandals. The Solid Waste Management Department has issued directives to all city’s zonal offices, mandating the submission of information concerning cistern availability, Nirmalya collection, and donation centers for idol immersion.


This year, given the absence of mobile wells and the prohibition on immersing idols in natural water bodies, PMC is arranging approximately 455 artificial immersion wells across various parts of the city.


The Pollution Control Board had previously enforced a ban on the production of Plaster of Paris (POP) idols due to environmental concerns. However, in a recent legislative session, this ban was deliberated and subsequently revoked.


In earlier years, the Municipal Corporation procured Ammonium Bicarbonate powder to dissolve POP idols in water. With the ban on POP idol production, this purchase was halted. Nevertheless, with the current decision to uplift the ban still pending in the legislative discussions, the volume of POP idols for immersion is anticipated to rise. Notably, Ammonium Bicarbonate does not dissolve as a powder, necessitating PMC to exercise precautions. This is to prevent the pollution of rivers, canals, wells, and other natural water sources by citizens immersing these idols.


Ward offices have been directed to augment the number of idol collection centers and artificial immersion tanks. To this end, the Solid Waste Management Department has solicited information from all ward offices. According to available data, approximately 455 artificial immersion wells can be arranged, and officials indicate that this number can be adjusted based on the situation’s requirements.


In anticipation of Ganeshotsav, a crucial meeting with Ganesh Mandal representatives is scheduled within the Municipal Corporation. During this meeting, Mandal activists will voice their concerns and present their demands. Collaboratively, municipal authorities and police officials will strategize and formulate suitable solutions. It is expected that this pivotal meeting will be convened in the forthcoming weeks, signaling the commencement of comprehensive preparations for the upcoming festive season.