Pune Municipal Corporation Initiates Special Cleanliness Drive to Tackle Garbage Accumulation at City Entrances

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Saswad, 7th January 2024: While the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is actively engaged in city-wide cleaning efforts, concerns arise as significant piles of garbage continue to accumulate around the main roads leading to the city. To address this issue and safeguard the city’s image, PMC has launched a special cleanliness drive focused on major road entrances. A recent drive in the Dive Ghat area yielded the removal of 9 tons of waste.


As part of the initiative, PMC conducted a thorough cleanliness drive in the Dive Ghat area, which falls outside the PMC limits but is a critical entry point to the city. Despite not being within PMC’s jurisdiction, the Dive Ghat area was targeted to enhance the overall cleanliness and appearance of the city. The drive involved 20 independent employees, along with the use of JCBs, trucks, and other equipment, resulting in the removal of 9 tons of waste.


Sandeep Kadam, Assistant Commissioner of the Solid Waste Management Department of PMC, emphasized the importance of maintaining cleanliness not only within the city but also at its entrance points. The initiative is seen as a proactive measure to counter the negative perception arising from visible garbage issues near major roads.


The cleanliness campaign extended from Wadki, marking the commencement of PMC’s jurisdiction, towards Saswad. The areas covered included Dive Ghat, Katraj Ghat, and Pirangut Ghat, which are crucial locations where the PMC boundaries start. Garbage disposal in these areas has been a persistent challenge, affecting both the city’s residents and visitors.


The cleanliness drive aims to address the concerns of commuters, tourists, and out-of-towners who, upon entering the city, might be discouraged by the visible garbage problem. Sandeep Kadam affirmed the PMC’s commitment to not only maintaining the cleanliness of the city but also ensuring that the entrance areas reflect a positive image of Pune.