Pune Municipal Corporation Proposes Rs 500 Fine for Open Garbage Dumping

Garbage dumping Kalwad
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Pune, 1st January 2024: In a bid to curb the rising menace of open garbage dumping in the city, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is considering a significant increase in fines for those caught littering. The proposal, currently under review by Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar, suggests tripling the existing penalty from Rs 180 to Rs 500.

The city has witnessed a surge in instances of citizens disposing of waste in public areas, prompting the administration to take stern measures. Attempts to deter littering have included the deployment of staff at frequent dumping spots, but the unruly behavior of some residents persists.

The current fine for open garbage dumping stands at Rs 180, a relatively modest amount compared to fines for other offences. To address this disparity and discourage citizens from flouting the rules, the administration has proposed a substantial increase in the penalty.

Additional Commissioner Kunal Khemnar stated, “The proposal to raise the fine to Rs 500 has been submitted for the approval of Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar. This move aims to instill a sense of responsibility among citizens and serve as a deterrent against further littering.”

Citizens are encouraged to adhere to waste disposal regulations, and the administration is actively working towards creating awareness to foster a cleaner and greener Pune. The final decision on the proposed fine increase will be communicated after Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar’s approval.