Pune Municipal Corporation Proposes Stiffer Penalties for Water Wastage Offenses

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Pune, 29th May 2024: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is gearing up to introduce stringent regulations governing water usage in civic areas to combat wastage effectively. Under the proposed measures, the PMC intends to crack down on housing societies and individual bungalows in a targeted campaign aimed at penalizing those guilty of water mismanagement.

Presently, the legal provisions allow for a meager fine of Rs 100 for each instance of water wastage. However, civic officials argue that such a nominal penalty is insufficient to act as a deterrent.

Nandkishor Jagtap, the head of PMC’s water supply department, highlighted the need for heavier fines akin to those imposed for offenses related to solid waste management. “The water department seeks to adopt a similar approach,” he affirmed.

Once approved, both commercial establishments and private individuals will be subject to fines for water wastage, with PMC delineating ten specific offenses warranting penalties. These include tampering with water meters or removing meters installed by PMC.

Expressing skepticism over the efficacy of the proposed fines, a senior PMC official noted the challenges associated with the cumbersome process of issuing notices and obtaining responses before levying fines. “A mere fine of Rs 100 is inadequate,” the official emphasized.

Under PMC’s plan, the flying squads responsible for monitoring solid waste management violations may also be tasked with overseeing water wastage. Already, PMC has initiated actions against individuals for flouting solid waste management regulations, including offenses such as burning garbage, open defecation, and failure to segregate waste.

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Sandip Kadam, heading PMC’s solid waste management department, announced an escalation in fines effective May 22 for non-compliance with garbage segregation norms. The fines range from Rs 300 for individual households for the initial offense to Rs 5,000 for bulk waste generators, with subsequent violations incurring heavier penalties.