Pune Municipal Corporation Pushes for Rapid Renewal of Advertisement Boards

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Pune, 5th November 2023: A legal dispute regarding the advertisement board rates set by the Pune Municipal Corporation is currently underway. Additionally, the advertisement fees have been increased since the previous year, resulting in delays in the renewal of billboards. Consequently, if the owners of these billboards do not remit the license fee within a seven-day window, PMC is poised to adopt a strict stance, leading to the removal of unauthorized boards.


Madhav Jagtap, the Deputy Commissioner of the Skysign & License Department, has issued directives to the Assistant Commissioners of the 15 ward offices under the Pune Municipal Corporation, urging them to expedite the renewal process for all licensed advertisement board holders within seven days. Furthermore, those authorized advertisers who fail to submit renewal proposals within this timeframe have been ordered to dismantle their boards.


The Skysign & License Department, a branch of the Municipal Corporation, is responsible for granting permission for the installation of advertisement boards within city limits. Official billboards are renewed annually, in adherence to established rules, with fees calculated based on the prevailing rates.


For the year 2023-24, a total of 1,826 billboards have been authorized. However, only 245 plate holders have completed the renewal process, while the remaining board holders have disregarded this requirement. This oversight has resulted in a considerable decrease in revenue for the Sky Signs Department, prompting the administration to take resolute action.