Pune: NAAM Foundation donated an ACLS Ambulance to Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Centre

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Pune, 21st March 2022: NAAM Foundation donated an ACLS ambulance to Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Centre on Monday, Monday, 21st March 2022. Mr. Nana Patekar was invited as the Chief Guest for the handing over function of Ambulance.


The fully loaded ambulance with portable ventilator, defibrillator and other lifesaving equipment is ready to cater the needs of patients.


The handing over Ceremony was presided over by Hon’ble Chancellor, Prof (Dr.) S.B. Mujumdar, in presence of Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, Pro-Chancellor (SIU), Dr. Rajani Gupte, Vice Chancellor (SIU) and Dr. Rajiv Yeravdekar, Dean (FoHS).




On the World Heart day 2021, during our rounds at the hospital, Shri. Nana Patekarji was highly impressed by the good work in healthcare done by Symbiosis and he magnanimously announced that the foundation would donate an ACLS ambulance to Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Centre.



Speaking at the occasion Nana Patekar  said that Dr. Mujumdar has worked to protect the feelings of the people. It is in his nature to look after every human being. Dr. Mujumdar had big dreams and he made them come true. Today, Symbiosis is running a five-star, foreign-style hospital for the economically weaker people free of cost. Dr. Mujumdar’s family is also involved in this work, so it is clear that “sacrifice is genetic.”


No great work is accomplished without the participation of the people. Nana Patekar further said that every year I would definitely try to give something to this patient service, which is being started by Symbiosis Hospital today.


Speaking at the occasion, Dr. S.B. Mujumdar, Founder and President Symbiosis and Chancellor Symbiosis International University said that Nana Patekar is a socially committed artist. Despite living in the limelight, he lives a very simple life. Nana Patekar instilled in people the habit of solving their own problems through Naam Foundation.


If we want to develop villages, we have to provide modern facilities in the villages just as we have in the cities. Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Center is providing free patient care and treatment at Lavele. Today, all the facilities offered in the five star hospitals in the city are provided free of cost to the villagers at the Symbiosis Hospital. The ambulance donated to Symbiosis Hospital by Naam Foundation is a well-equipped five-star hospital for villagers, Dr. Mujumdar added further.


Dr. Rajiv Yeravadekar, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, Symbiosis International University, in his welcome note said, “Till now we have heard of many public and private partnerships but today the ambulance donated by the Naam Foundation to Symbiosis Hospital is an example of one private sector organization helping another private sector organization.”


Raising funds for an NGO is a daunting task, but it is commendable that the Naam Foundation has done so and made remarkable contributions in the upliftment of the community at large. Dr. Rajiv Yeravadekar further said in his speech.