Pune: NCP MLA Rohit Pawar’s Complaint Leads To Suspension of PDCC Bank Manager

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Baramati, 11th May 2024: During the Lok Sabha elections in Maharashtra, numerous allegations have surfaced. One such case involves the bank manager of the Velhe branch of Pune District Central Co-Operative Bank Ltd (PDCC Bank Pune). The bank stands accused of remaining open until midnight to distribute money on the eve of the polls in Baramati. Karjat-Jamkhed MLA Rohit Pawar of the NCP (Sharad Pawar) complained to the Election Commission of India (ECI) regarding this matter.

In response to Rohit Pawar’s complaint, the ECI has taken disciplinary action against the manager of PDCC Bank.

It was alleged that the PDCC Bank branch in Velhe, located in Bhor taluka and falling within the Baramati constituency, remained operational late into the night on May 6, the day before polling. NCP (SP) MLA Rohit Pawar shared a video of this incident on social media.

Simultaneously, Rohit Pawar lodged a formal complaint with the ECI concerning the matter. ECI initiated legal proceedings against both the Velhe branch of PDCC Bank and its manager. It has been revealed that the ECI has suspended the manager after finding him culpable in this case. Charges have now been filed for violating the electoral code of conduct.

Upon receiving a complaint regarding the incident, the CCTV footage of the bank was reviewed. The footage showed individuals entering and exiting the branch manager’s cabin, prompting the ECI to take decisive action in the matter.