Pune: Need For Ladders For Electric Repair Work Has Declined Due To Increase In Underground Power System – MSEDCL

Electricity Supply Disrupted
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Pune/Pimpri, 5th July 2021: In Pune city and Pimpri-Chinchwad city, the number of underground power cables has increased more than the overhead power lines, reducing the need for ladders for repairing overhead cables.

Currently, the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) has provided ladders in each sub-division for the repair of overhead power lines as per the requirements, while panel contractors have been appointed for the repair of underground power lines, the MSEDCL explained. There has been a demand to increase the number of maintenance vehicles as repairs are being delayed due to power outages, it added.

MSEDCL informed that ladders are mainly used for repairing overhead power lines. But in the last 10 years, underground power lines have been given priority to ensure the expansion and empowerment of infrastructure in various schemes of the State and Central governments as well as MSEDCL.

Apart from this, super low voltage power lines have also been laid underground by the municipal corporations. Therefore, the number of underground power lines is higher in urban areas as compared to overhead power lines. The number of overhead ducts that require ladders for technical repairs is reduced. This has also reduced the rate of technical glitches. There is no need for ladders to repair underground power lines, the MSEDCL said.

Underground power lines are disrupted due to excavation work being carried out at various places in urban areas. In addition, feeder pillars, ringmen units, transformers, etc., are more prone to malfunction due to various external factors than the upper conduits. However, there is no need for ladders to repair this system.

In addition to this, the MSEDCL has appointed several contractors for the repair of underground power lines. Therefore, the number of ladders available at present is sufficient as the need for ladders only arises to repair overhead power lines. This number is less than what was required earlier.

The MSEDCL has clarified that there has been no delay in fixing the overhead power lines due to fewer ladders.