Pune: Neglect in Sports Infrastructure – Municipal Schools Grapple with Lack of Facilities and Personnel

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Pimpri, 14th November 2023: As municipal schools in the PCMC area transition towards a smart and digital environment, concerns are arising over the neglect of the sports department. The disparity is glaring, with only eight sports teachers catering to 105 municipal schools, highlighting a shortage of personnel dedicated to physical education. Additionally, the lack of sports materials further impedes students’ access to outdoor activities.

A significant hindrance to sports development is the absence of proper grounds in 22 municipal schools, while 17 schools grapple with inadequate and undersized areas for physical activities. Sports equipment such as double bars or Kho Kho bars, are noticeably absent from these schools, sparking demands for facilities to play kho-kho, kabaddi, cricket, hockey, football, and volleyball.

Sports teachers in municipal schools are burdened with additional tasks, diverting their attention from their primary role in physical education. Moreover, vacant positions left by retiring sports teachers remain unfilled, contributing to a further shortage of instructors.

The predicament is exacerbated by 15 sports teachers who have been engaged in election-related duties since 2010. Despite demands for their release to their original posts, the Election Department has yet to comply, hindering the sports development of students. A call for alternative teachers to fill these positions has been made, with expectations of a timely resolution.

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Responding to these challenges, Deputy Commissioner Mininath Dandavate assured that efforts are being made to address the shortage of sports materials, with 49 types potentially available to schools. The collective goal is to ensure a comprehensive and well-rounded educational experience for students, encompassing both academic and physical development.