Pune: Neglected Maintenance of Katraj Tunnel Ghat Road Raises Safety Concerns

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Katraj, 2nd November 2023: As discussions about the new tunnel on the Mumbai-Bangalore highway and the recent accidents on the Navale Bridge continue, concerns are rising over the neglected state of the old Katraj Tunnel Ghat road. The Public Works Department’s lack of attention to maintenance and repair has left the ghat road in disrepair, with uprooted side rails and dangerous fallen stones at many locations.

Moreover, a substantial number of trees have grown on the sides of the protective wall, and despite the expectation of post-monsoon removal, this task has been overlooked. Notice boards and milestones along the ghat route are also in dire need of repair, with protective ramparts broken at several spots.

The old Katraj Tunnel Ghat serves as a crucial route for numerous vehicles travelling from Pune to Satara, particularly for business and work purposes. This heavy traffic flow persists day and night, highlighting the pressing need for that repair and maintenance.


One of the prominent safety concerns pointed out by local drivers is the absence of reflectors at the turns in the ghats, causing confusion among motorists. The need for reflective markers to guide vehicles safely through the turns has become evident. Additionally, calls have been made for the repair of protective walls within the ghat to enhance safety and infrastructure integrity.