Pune: New Fully Operational Fire Station Started In Kale-Borate Nagar Of Hadapsar From Today

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Aamir Wadwan

Hadapsar, 27th July 2022: The PMC is focusing on the safety of citizens as the number of fire stations is being increased in the city. To provide immediate help against fire, PMC has started another fire station in Kale-Borate Nagar of Hadapsar. Starting from today, The Kale-Borate Nagar Fire Station is fully functional for citizens to provide immediate help against fire incidents.

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The Kale-Borate Nagar fire station is located near Mantra Majestica Apartments near Kale-Borate Railway Station. The Fire Station will cover the areas of Kale-Borate Nagar, Hadapsar, Fursungi and Saswad Road. As the station is new, a fully equipped Fire Vehicle with 32 Jawans is allocated for the station for now.


Anil Gaikwad, Kale-Borate Nagar Fire Station Officer said, “We are happy to start the service from today. We have 8-9 Jawans stationed per shift and 24 hours service to citizens for immediate help against fire incidents.”