Pune: NIBM Road Residents Demand Urgent Action as Annex Slope Remains Unfinished

Pune: NIBM Road Residents Demand Urgent Action as Annex Slope Remains Unfinished
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Anaum Shaikh 

Kondhwa, 3rd September 2023: It has been a staggering eighty days since the NIBM Annex slope was inaugurated and reopened, yet the work remains far from complete. A significant portion of the road remains unpaved, and the narrow section that has been reopened often becomes a bottleneck for daily commuters due to heavy vehicles blocking the way.



This restricted passage has become a high-risk zone, plagued by issues from all sides. Exposed utility and electric cables pose a serious threat to commuters, particularly during the rainy season. Land acquisition disputes are hindering the road’s expansion, and the absence of adequate streetlights further compounds the problem by obstructing drivers’ vision. These recurring issues have been raised by both residents and passengers alike.


Nitin Bokey, President of the NIBM Anandvan Parisar Residents Association (NAPRA), expressed his frustration, saying, “We have repeatedly brought these issues to the attention of former corporator Nanda Lonkar and PMC authorities. The PMC’s Chief Engineer promised us street lamps, but we have yet to see any. We are consistently told that there are insufficient funds for the necessary repairs. We have been enduring this for a considerable period, and our only recourse is to exert pressure on the authorities. We implore the PMC to take swift action.”


According to Nanda Lonkar, the ex-Corporator, “I have been working on improving this road since 2013, ever since I was elected. Although this area is not within my jurisdiction, I work tirelessly for the people’s benefit. The road was hardly pedestrian-friendly back then. We managed to repair a certain portion and make it accessible to the public. That, too, is progress. We are in discussions with MSEB regarding the cables and the forest department regarding land acquisition. We acknowledge that there is a considerable amount of repair work to be done, which takes time. Concerned citizens should reach out to understand the complexity of the necessary infrastructural overhaul.”


The road connecting NIBM to Undri-Mohammadwadi is in dire need of extensive repairs, as it serves as a daily route for numerous commuters. NAPRA has consistently raised awareness about the pressing issues and the PMC’s apparent neglect of the development of Undri-Mohammadwadi.