Pune: No Update In ‘Student Portal’, Difficulties In Updating Student Information At School Level

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Pune, 17th June 2022: Schools in the state have started the new academic year. However, the Student Portal is still closed. As the student portal has not been updated, only last year’s information is visible on the website. Although the Student Portal is a very important component in the administrative work, it is not yet up to date, which raises the question of filling in the information of the students at the school level.


The Student Portal is a very important arrangement for the students of classes 1 to 12 in the administrative work at the school level. Students’ information is recorded by the school on the website. That information is given a ‘Specific ID’. The same website transfers students from one school to another online. Schools are sorted based on these records. Teachers and non-teaching staff are assigned according to the format. However, the headmaster said that there was a problem in filling up the updated information at the school level as the student portal was not up to date.


Maharashtra Headmaster Association state spokesperson Mahendra Ganpule informed that the student portal has not been updated even after the start of the new academic year. “Each year before the start of the academic year, the Student Portal is updated and new information is available for the concerned people. But this time it did not happen which has created problems at the school level. The government should remove the errors regarding this website and make it available immediately,” he added further.


Suraj Mandhare, Education Commissioner said, “Information about the academic year 2021-22 can be seen on the website. Therefore, even after the students enter the new class, the information the students cannot be updated as the old information is still visible. At the school level, the online exchange of student information has also stopped. Information regarding the Student Portal will be checked. If there are any errors in it, they will be removed immediately.”


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