Pune: Notorious Criminal Bendya Soni Apprehended by Anti-Gang Squad in Akurdi

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Akurdi, 7th April 2024: In a swift operation, the Anti-Gang Squad in Pimpri arrested a notorious criminal, Bendya Soni, who had been instilling fear among citizens in the Akurdi area of Chinchwad. Soni, known for his disruptive behaviour and history of criminal activities, was apprehended after reports surfaced of him terrorizing pedestrians, particularly during nighttime.


According to reports, Soni was intimidating passersby near the Urdu school in Akurdi, displaying aggressive behaviour while under the influence of alcohol and even assaulting some individuals. His brazen acts had left residents in a state of fear, prompting swift action from the anti-gang squad.



Upon receiving the alert, the anti-gang squad promptly intervened, subduing Soni and placing him under arrest. Soni’s apprehension brings relief to the local community, which had endured his reign of terror for far too long. Multiple criminal cases are pending against him.