Pune: Number Of Registered Marriages Decreased By 30% In 2020

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Pune, 28th January 2021:The statistics show that the lockdown has affected registered marriages. Due to the lockdown due to Coronavirus pandemic, the marriage registration office was closed for a few days in the first half of March, April and May, and many jobs and businesses were affected during this period.

However, recently, it is observed that the number of daily applications for registration has increased.

Many people tend to get married as per Muhurat, an auspicious time to start a new activity. At the same time, the number of registered marriages is increasing.

The marriage is scheduled by going to the marriage registration office as per the convenience of people. Marriages registered in this office are conducted under the Special Marriage Act. There is no barrier of caste or religion in it. The district administration has controlled the number of attendees for the wedding ceremony to prevent the spread of corona.

That is why the number of registered marriages is increasing. In 2019, there were 7046 registered marriages. Last year, 5221 marriages were registered. The number of registrations was low during the lockout period. As a result, the number of registered marriages has come down this year, said DA Satbhai, marriage registration officer.