Pune: Nyati County Residents Forum Uses Memes To Draw Attention Of PMC About Broken Medians

mohammadwadi median problems
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Mohammadwadi, 15th October 2021: Fed up with the non-responsive attitude of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) about various civic issues in the Mohammadwadi area, now Nyati County Residents Forum (NCRF) is using sarcastic memes to draw the civic body’s attention.

“Thappad se dar nahi lagta saheb, #Mohammadwadi chowk ke aage pade medians se lagta hai ! The broken medians lying on the road near #NyatiEstate posing danger to the commuters”, the tweet by NCRF stated highlighting the broken blocks of medians lying in the middle of the road between Mohammadwadi Chowk and Nyati Estate Society.

The forum, through its official Twitter handle, has highlighted the issue by tagging civic authority and public representatives.

“The broken blocks of the medians are lying in the middle of the road posing danger to the commuters and needs to be removed as soon as possible,” said a local resident and member of the NCRF.

“When it is dark at night accidents are unavoidable because there is no reflector board nor the median is organized properly”, another resident said.

Another issue plaguing the area is the sharp incline near Cloud Nine society in Mohammadwadi. People often complain about vehicle breakdowns and traffic jams on the spot.

“Many two-wheeler riders and senior citizens have fallen down on the incline. Children and pregnant women also suffer. We have been complaining about the slope but PMC is yet to act”, another resident added.