Pune: Oil Lamp Triggers Fire In Flat In Pashan, Firefighters Save the Day

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Pashan, 15th November 2023: A fire broke out today at 12:15 pm in a flat located on the eighth floor of Anant Venkatesh Society on Pashan – Sus Road, Balaji Chowk, near Balaji Mandir in Pashan, Pune. The incident, caused by an oil lamp in the Deoghar, resulted in significant damage to wiring, furniture, and the ceiling.

Two fire stations, Pashan and Aundh, promptly responded to the emergency. Fire brigade officers and personnel, led by Shivaji Memane and Kamlesh Sangale, along with drivers Latesh Chaudhary and Dattatray Kadam, successfully extinguished the fire using fire extinguishers installed in the building.

The scale of the fire led to panic among residents and the surrounding area. Firefighters, including Dnyandev Gode and Damodar Khamse, played a crucial role in containing the blaze. Additional support came from Sanjay Shewale, Dadaso Yadav, Omkar Deshmukh, Vishal Madhe, and Ganesh Ghodke.

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As a result of the swift and coordinated efforts of the fire brigade, the fire was completely extinguished, preventing further escalation and minimizing the overall damage. Authorities are now assessing the extent of the destruction, and investigations into the root cause of the incident are underway.

The Fire Brigade advised residents to exercise caution and adhere to safety measures to prevent such incidents in the future.