Pune: One Death Reported After Tree Falls On College Premise

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Pune, 23rd August 2022: One person died after a tree fell on the premises of Sir Parshurambhau (SP) College on Monday. The deceased was identified as Mal Singh Pawar (50), a resident of Janata Vasahat, Parvati, Pune.

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Pawar had gone to cut the grass growing in the boys’ hostel area of the college premises at around 11:30 in the morning. At that time, suddenly, the tree fell. The branches of the tree fell on Pawar’s body, and he was seriously injured. He was immediately admitted to a private hospital. He died during treatment, Vishram Bagh police informed.

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Pawar hails from Solapur. He was given the task of mowing the grass of the boys’ hostel on the college premises. A case of sudden death has been registered in the Vishram Bagh police station.


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