Pune: Over 40,000 Wedding Ceremonies Postponed Due To COVID Pandemic

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Pune, 14th May 2021: Marriage ceremonies have been hit hard by the lockdown and later restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of corona. It is shocking to learn that over 40,000 marriages have been postponed in the last one and a half years due to limitations on attendance at weddings.

The lockdown was imposed in March last year. There were limitations on many things to avoid crowds. It also included marriage halls. So many wedding ceremonies were canceled last year. Many postponed the wedding because only a hundred people on both sides were allowed to attend the wedding.

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Although the restrictions gradually relaxed, there was a limit to the number of people attending a wedding. The effect was seen on the post-Diwali wedding ceremonies. Although no lockdown was imposed after February due to an increase in the number of corona patients, strict restrictions restricted attendance to the wedding to only 50 people. Therefore, it is time for many to postpone the wedding ceremony, said Kishor Sarpotdar, President of Maharashtra Catering Association.

Weddings are held in 900 places in the city, including 250 marriage halls, 150 lawns, 275 banquet halls and clubhouses. Members of the Maharashtra Catering Association are attached to these marriage halls. I had taken the initiative to convene their meeting during the lockdown as there was no association of marriage halls, said Sarpotdar.

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According to the Date Panchanga, from April to July, there were 40 wedding muhurats and 10 Munji muhurats. The Panchang of Marwari, Gujarati, and Punjabi communities are different. According to it, there were 45 muhurats. Marriage halls, lawns, banquet halls, and clubhouses are all held in 900 places in the city. Due to the corona outbreak, more than 40,000 marriages could not take place this season. Now, after Diwali, there are four muhurats in November and eleven in December.

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