Pune: Oxford Comforts Society Wanowrie in Shock After Alleged Drunken Rampage by Senior Cop’s Daughter

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Wanowrie, 2nd January 2024: The celebration of the new year took an unexpected turn in Pune, as a young woman, allegedly under the influence of alcohol and identified as the daughter of a senior police officer, caused havoc at the Oxford Comforts Society in Wanowrie. The incident, captured on CCTV, unfolded on the night of December 31, leaving residents in shock.

In a bizarre turn of events, the inebriated young woman reportedly closed the gate of the society, prohibiting anyone from leaving. She resorted to physical violence, assaulting residents and hurling curses at those attempting to exit. The troubling scenes were captured on CCTV footage, revealing the extent of the chaos caused by her actions.

Frustrated by her behaviour, the residents of the society called the police for assistance. However, the situation escalated further as the young woman allegedly assaulted women police personnel who arrived at the scene. Despite attempts to reason with her, the police were compelled to use force to take her into custody. Astonishingly, residents claimed that the woman vandalized society property during the ordeal.


Disturbingly, it has been reported that the young woman is the daughter of a senior police officer. Residents allege that despite her assaulting a female police officer, no case was registered against her, and she was immediately released. This has sparked concerns among residents, raising questions about preferential treatment and the need for equal application of the law.