Pune: Pandey , Deore , Kumar , Sirothia emerge winners at NDA MARATHON

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Pune, October 17, 2023: Anjani Pandey , Ashwini Deore , Nishu Kumar and Krishna Sirothia emerged winners in the 42km full marathon in their age groups at the National Defence Academy (NDA) Marathon which was organised to celebrate 75 years of its foundation

In the 21Km races Vedanshi Joshi , Anubhuti Chaturvedi , Parasaran Halijol , Sanjay Negi emerged winners in their respective events

Praidhi Budhwar won the race in 10Km Womens event 14 to 18yrs Category , while CDT Ritul and Trupti Gupta won the races in the oother women categories , In the 10Km Mens event Mohit Yadav .Anurag Konka and Narendra Patel won their events

The NDA Marathon featuring multiple race categories including a 42 Km full Marathon, 21 km Half-Marathon, a 10 km run, a 5 km run, and a 3 km run, all happening concurrently recieved unprecedented response event with people travelling from all over India.

The mega marathon arranged by blueBrigade Sports Foundation and presented by Ved Nirmitee Realty and held over the weekend saw over 13500 participants including 1300 cadets from the NDA running various distances. Participants were left highly impressed with the historical monuments inside the NDA campus and the greenery which adorns the 7000 acres of the campus .

Following are the results:

42KM Womens:
18 to 35 Years Category:1.Anjani Pandey(04:19:52sec), 2.Rajni Singh(04:34:55sec); 3.Ravita Ramvilas Rajbhar 04:46:21sec);
36 to 45 Years Category: 1.Ashwini Deore(04:06:10sec), 2.Arti Agarwal(04:21:55sec);

42KM Mens:
18 to 35 Years Category:1.Nishu Kumar(02:50:23sec), 2.Shrikanta Mahato(03:00:05sec), 3.Ganesh Khomane(03:20:56sec);
36 to 45 Years Category: 1.Krishna Sirothia(03:23:48sec), 2. Lt Col Swaroop Singh Kunal(03:24:19sec), 3.Vasant Pandita(03:27:11sec);

21KM Womens:
18 to 35yrs Category: 1.Vedanshi Joshi(01:41:49sec), 2.Bhavneet Kaur(01:42:52sec), 3.Priyanka Paikrav(01:43:52sec);
36 to 45yrs Category: 1.Anubhuti Chaturvedi(01:44:49sec), 2.Netra(01:47:30sec), 3.Anju Chaudhari(01:51:56sec);

21KM Mens:
18 to 35yrs Category: 1.Parasaran Halijol(01:12:08sec), 2.CDT Nikhil Chand(01:19:20sec), 3.CDT Prince Bamal(01:21:33sec);
36 to 45yrs Category: 1.Sanjay Negi(01:23:06sec), 2.Ankush Gupta(01:25:03sec), 3.Yogesh Sanap(01:25:41sec);

10KM Womens:
14 to 18yrs Category: 1.Praidhi Budhwar(00:58:00sec); 2.Siddhi Gurav(01:03:00sec), 3.Hreeya Shah(01:06:14sec);
19 to 35yrs Category: 1.CDT Ritul(00:47:39sec), 2.Aastha Laheru(00:50:43sec), 3.Jayasree Vanama(00:50:48sec);
36 to 45yrs Category: 1.Trupti Gupta(00:54:07sec), 2.Haseena Themali(00:54:21sec), 3.Aditi Mohiley(00:58:20sec);

10KM Mens:
14 to 18yrs Category: 1.Mohit Yadav(00:39:13sec), 2.Vaibhav Yedage(00:41:39sec), 3.Avinash Londhe(00:42:23sec);
19 to 35yrs Category: 1.Anurag Konkar(00:34:02sec), 2.Anandu AS(00:34:29sec), 3.Kommindhala Purushotham(00:34:57sec);
36 to 45yrs Category: 1.Narendra Patel(00:42:40sec), 2.Sachin Nikam(00:43:35sec), 3.Ajit Nikam(00:44:41sec);