Pune: Passenger’s Travel Plans Disrupted by Delayed Luggage on SpiceJet Flight to Dubai

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Pune, 19th April 2024: A flyer from Pune, Ajit Wale, experienced a significant delay in receiving his luggage upon arriving in Dubai from a SpiceJet flight (SG-51) on April 14. Due to heavy rain and strong winds in Dubai, there have been widespread disruptions in the region, impacting airport operations and causing issues with luggage delivery.

Wale, who works for an international oil firm and resides in nearby Abu Dhabi, was one of several passengers whose luggage did not arrive with the flight. He and at least 26 other passengers were informed by airline staff that their bags would be available the next day. However, Wale had to travel to his home in Abu Dhabi, which is about a two-and-a-half-hour drive away.

SpiceJet cited weather-related problems for the offloading of luggage, stating that the payload had to be adjusted due to bad weather conditions, necessitating additional fuel for safe flight operations. Some baggage was offloaded in Pune and sent to Dubai via Delhi, arriving in Dubai on April 15.

Despite his efforts to retrieve his luggage, Wale faced difficulties contacting the airline’s customer service and expressed frustration over the lack of clear communication and responsiveness. He mentioned spending hours on the phone without receiving satisfactory responses.

SpiceJet acknowledged the inconvenience caused to passengers due to the inclement weather and airport disruptions in Dubai. The airline assured that offloaded baggage would be handed over to passengers once airport operations normalized.

Wale has filed a complaint with the Department of Consumer Affairs against the airline for its handling of the situation.