Pune: Patients At Pimple Gurav Municipal Hospital Struggle To Reach The Hospital

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Pimple Gurav, 9th January 2023: To provide medical services to Pune’s citizens, medical hospitals and dispensaries have been started in various locations on behalf of the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC). However, except for a few municipal hospitals in the city, most places lack facilities.

A clinic has been started by the Municipal Corporation in the Dinosaur Garden area of Pimple Gurav. People who live in the Pimple Gurav area visit this hospital for treatment and medical examination. However, the hospital is located on the second floor. Due to this, many patients struggle to reach the hospital.

The city is currently experiencing a viral infection. The number of patients suffering from colds, fevers and coughs has increased. As a result, patients are lining up in large numbers at the hospital to receive treatment. However, because the hospital is on the second floor, patients, elderly people, and children are facing difficulties while coming and going. It has a narrow staircase without iron railings to hold the patients and senior citizens climbing up and down. For that reason, most patients have difficulty climbing stairs.

In Pimple Gurav, there is a post office on the second floor near the municipal hospital. There are a lot of senior citizens in both of these places. Pregnant women, children, and elderly people have trouble moving because most people keep their slippers and shoes on the stairs. Therefore, people are insisting that chappal stands and railings be installed for the citizens coming to the hospital and post office.