Pune: PCMC Opts Against Property Tax Increase, Aims for Unregistered Property Revenue

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Pimpri, 9th February 2024: The standing committee of the Pimpri Chinchwad civic body has greenlit the proposal within the 2024-25 annual budget, opting not to increase property taxes. Instead, the focus will be on collecting taxes from owners of unregistered properties, identified during the ongoing survey.

Civic officials have initiated the registration process for these unregistered properties, with notices already issued to approximately 20,000 property owners. Responding to the notices, owners have been granted a 21-day window to take necessary action. To further incentivize prompt registration, a 5% concession will be awarded to those paying the registration amount within a month.

“We chose not to propose any tax hike this year to alleviate the burden on the public. Our emphasis will be on addressing issues related to unregistered properties and undertaking property measurements and changes of usage,” stated Pradeep Jambhale Patil, the additional municipal commissioner of PCMC.

The civic body’s comprehensive survey, initiated last year, covered 5.1 lakh properties, assigning a unique code to each property. Uncovered during the survey were approximately 1.6 lakh unregistered properties, with expectations that this number may rise to 2.5 lakh by the survey’s completion at the year-end.

Pimpri Chinchwad civic officials anticipate a revenue boost of Rs 1,000 crore from property taxes. They assert that this figure is projected to rise to Rs 1,500 crore next year following the successful registration of unregistered properties. The ongoing survey aims to streamline property records and enhance the efficiency of tax collection, contributing to the municipality’s fiscal stability.