Pune: PCMC Residents From  Pimple Nilakh And Vishal Nagar Complain About Murky And Irregular Supply Of Tap Water

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Pimpri, 27th June 2022: Despite repeated requests and letters, water scarcity and muddy tap water problems persist in densely populated areas of Pimple Nilakh and Vishal Nagar.




At a public meeting today, Congress leader Sachin Sathe drew the attention of the authorities to the issue of murky and irregular water supply that has been going on for the last few days.

Sathe said, “Pimple Nilakh, a large urban area, is plagued by inadequate, irregular and polluted water supply. The citizens living in the housing societies in this area have so far spent lakhs of rupees on water tankers. The administration must supply clean water to the taxpayers. However, it is being ignored by the municipality. A memorandum signed by 10,000 citizens was submitted to draw attention to the water problems.”

“Authorities have promised to set up a ‘booster’ system temporarily. But, there has been no progress in the last two months. If this does not improve, we will bathe the officials in muddy water”, Sathe has warned.