Pune: PCMC Tax Department Celebrates Record-breaking Collection of Nearly Rs 977 Crores

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Varad Bhatkhande

Pimpri Chinchwad, 1st April 2024: The Taxation and Tax Collection Department of Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has achieved a significant milestone in the fiscal year 2023-24 by collecting a total tax revenue of Rs 977.50 crores.

Despite being urged to reach the target of Rs 1000 crores, the department fell short, but this marks the first time in PCMC’s 41-year history that it has come close to reaching the Rs 1 thousand crore mark, representing a monumental achievement for the tax collection department. Out of the 6,25,000 property holders, 5,11,154 have dutifully fulfilled their tax obligations. PCMC Commissioner and Administrator Shekhar Singh extended his gratitude to the honest taxpayers for their contributions.

Property tax stands as the primary revenue source for PCMC, with a total of 6,25,000 properties falling within its jurisdiction. Among these, 511,154 property owners have complied with tax requirements. Notably, the Taxation and Tax Collection Department surpassed last year’s collection of Rs 816 crores by securing an additional Rs 161 crores this year.

Under the leadership of PCMC Commissioner and Administrator Shekhar Singh and Additional Commissioner Pradeep Jambhale-Patil, Assistant Commissioner Nilesh Deshmukh and his team exerted considerable effort towards tax collection this year. Various measures were undertaken to prompt tax compliance, including property confiscation, tap disconnections, publicizing the names of major defaulters, and auctioning off properties. Innovative initiatives such as meme and reel competitions, along with targeted awareness campaigns in bustling city areas, contributed significantly to the recovery of nearly one thousand crores in taxes.

To facilitate tax payment, citizens were provided with online property tax bills and both online and offline payment options. Additionally, tax relief schemes were tailored to suit different property owner categories, while proactive measures like home visits, notices, and arrear recoveries were undertaken to ensure compliance.

Significant Historical Achievements:

1. Record-breaking Tax Collection: For the first time in PCMC’s history, a staggering amount of Rs 977 crores was collected.
2. Extensive Property Seizures: Over 2,000 properties were sealed, marking a robust enforcement effort.
3. Complete Digitization of Services: The department achieved a milestone by offering all its services online.
4. Unprecedented Current Tax Collection: Successfully collecting 87 % of current taxes for the first time.
5. Remarkable Tax Arrears Recovery: A significant achievement was made with a 49.36 % recovery of tax arrears.

Breakdown of Revenue Collection:

– Online Transactions: Rs 554 crores 59 lakhs
– Cash Payments: Rs 137 crores 49 lakhs
– Check Payments: Rs 166 crores 57 lakhs
– Electronic Data Interchange (EDC): Rs 13 crores 81 lakhs
– Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS): Rs 44 crores 76 lakhs
– Demand Drafts (DD): Rs 8 crores 57 lakhs
– Various Apps: Rs 10 crores 2 lakhs
– National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT): Rs 6 crores 93 lakhs

Property Tax Statistics:

– Industrial Properties: 4,609
– Residential Properties: 4,42,285
– Non-residential Properties: 46,576
– Mixed-Use Properties: 12,968
– Vacant Land: 4,574
– Others: 142
– Total: 5,11,154

Notable Zone-wise Collections:

– Wakad Zone: Rs 154 crores 58 lakhs collected from 68 thousand property owners.
– Sangvi Zone: 51,718 property owners paid tax.
– Chikhali Zone: 45,634 property owners paid tax.
– Thergaon Zone: 45,434 property owners paid tax.
– Chinchwad Zone: 43,286 property owners paid tax.
– Moshi Zone: 34,980 property owners paid tax.
– Bhosari Zone: 33,867 property owners paid tax.
– Talawade Zone: Only 8,527 property owners paid tax, the lowest among all zones.

Steady Growth in Tax Collection:

– 2018-19: Rs 471 crores
– 2019-20: Rs 480 crores
– 2020-21: Rs 553 crores
– 2021-22: Rs 628 crores
– 2022-23: Rs 816 crores
– 2023-24: Rs 977 crores

PCMC Commissioner and Administrator Shekhar Singh said, “We are pleased to announce that this year we have nearly reached the target of Rs 1,000 crore. I extend my gratitude to the property owners for their cooperation. Through the Siddhi project, we have introduced various initiatives such as bill distribution, data analysis, and creative awareness campaigns to encourage tax compliance. The successful outcome reflects our commitment. The revenue generated will be allocated towards fostering sustainable development, aiming to transform our city into a model of excellence. In the upcoming fiscal year 2024-25, we aspire to enhance public accessibility by digitizing all new properties and considering the consolidation of municipal services under UPIC ID.”

PCMC Additional Commissioner Pradeep Jambhale Patil said, “For the first time, we’ve streamlined property tax and water tax collections, resulting in significant increases in both areas. Moreover, our proactive seizure drive and the introduction of property auctions have positively impacted tax revenues. Going forward, we plan to sustain these efforts throughout the year. We are thankful for the support from citizens. Additionally, we’re working towards integrating our database with other government departments like IGR and MSEDCL to enhance service quality.”

Assistant Commissioner of the Taxation and Tax Collection Department of PCMC, Nilesh Deshmukh, stated, “Our achievement is attributed to the visionary leadership of the Commissioner and the timely guidance of the Additional Commissioner. We remain dedicated to realizing the Commissioner’s vision in the upcoming year.”