Pune: Bavdhan Incident Classified as Accident, Not Murder – Hinjawadi Police

Hinjawadi police station
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Varad Bhatkhande

Hinjawadi, 1st April 2024: In an incident that occurred in Bavdhan on Saturday (30th March) evening, an autorickshaw collided with a parked bike, causing a woman to fall. Following the altercation between the woman and the rickshaw driver, the body of the latter was discovered. Initially deemed a case of murder, subsequent police investigations revealed it to be an accident.

The deceased rickshaw driver has been identified as Rizwan Yasin Maniyar, aged 34. The incident prompted his brother Farman Yasin Maniyar, aged 30, to file a complaint at Hinjawadi Police Station. The complaint was against a woman, aged between 30 and 32, along with an unnamed accomplice.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone 2, Bapu Bangar, the altercation ensued between Rizwan and the unidentified woman after her two-wheeler collided with Rizwan’s parked rickshaw. Following the dispute, the woman called her husband or relative, leading to an altercation where Rizwan sustained fatal injuries.

Initially treated as a murder case due to apparent signs of physical assault, including injuries and weapon insertion, police investigations later revealed it to be an accident. Autopsy reports corroborated the absence of gunshot wounds, prompting a shift in the direction of the investigation. The Hinjawadi police are currently probing the matter.

DCP Bangar confirmed that, despite the initial filing of a case under IPC 302 by Farman Maniyar, subsequent evidence from CCTV footage, post-mortem reports, eyewitness accounts, and further investigations concluded the incident to be an accident. Accordingly, investigations are now proceeding in line with this revised understanding of the incident.