Pune: PCMC To Auction 109 Confiscated Properties For Unpaid Taxes

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Pimpri, 29th November 2023: After the confiscation of over two thousand properties owing property tax arrears, the Taxation and Tax Collection Department of the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has revealed that around 1800 property owners have cleared their tax debts. However, with 109 property owners showing no positive response even after the confiscation, PCMC is set to auction these properties.

PCMC’s Taxation and Tax Collection Department initiated a survey to identify properties with outstanding tax arrears, exposing over two thousand such cases spanning several years. Notices were issued to these property owners, urging them to settle their overdue taxes. Despite the warnings, a significant number failed to pay on time, resulting in the confiscation of more than 2000 properties.

Approximately 1800 property owners, recognizing the gravity of the situation, began settling their tax arrears within a year of the confiscation, contributing to a collection of around 23 crores in the PCMC treasury. However, a residual debt of 4 crores remains outstanding.

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Multiple notices were sent to the remaining property owners, but they did not respond to the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation. Consequently, the Taxation and Tax Collection Department has proposed the auctioning of 109 confiscated properties. The Directorate of Town Planning & Valuation is now tasked with assessing the value of these properties as per the current market rates. The auction will include residential, non-residential, and industrial properties.

Nilesh Deshmukh, Assistant Commissioner of PCMC, stated, “Property owners, whose properties have been confiscated, have not deposited tax on time. No response was received from 109 of these property owners. Due to this, these properties will be auctioned. After determining the property valuation, the auction process will be carried out as per the orders of the superiors.”