Pune: Lightning Strikes Dairy Businessman’s Cattle Near Hinjawadi, Claims Ten Innocent Lives

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Hinjawadi, 29th November 2023: In a devastating incident on Sunday night (26th), renowned dairy businessman and progressive farmer Rajendra Shikare of Kasarsai faced a grave loss when an electric cable fell on his cattle shed during a storm, leading to the electrocution of nine cows and one calf. The incident occurred amid heavy rain, lightning, and stormy winds, causing an estimated financial loss of 8-10 lakhs for Shikare.

Initially, two cows were believed to have succumbed to lightning or snake bites during the sudden rain and power outage on Sunday night. However, when electricity was restored, the remaining seven cows and one calf were electrocuted, leading to the shocking discovery on Monday morning by Shikare’s son, Vikram Shikare.

Upon discovering the tragic incident, Vikram promptly cut off the electricity supply, informed the electricity distribution company, and notified veterinary authorities. Rajendra Shikare is now urging the administration to conduct an immediate assessment and provide compensation for the emergency.

Officials from the animal husbandry department and power distribution visited the site on Monday, conducting an assessment and expressing condolences. They assured the Shikare family that discussions would be held regarding potential government assistance and compensation.

Meanwhile, unseasonal rains also wreaked havoc on sugarcane cutters at the Sant Tukaram Cooperative Factory in Kasarsai. Labourers residing in thatched huts faced hardships due to lightning strikes and gale-force winds, with water entering many houses. The open environment left animals exposed to the elements, creating an atmosphere of fear. The three-hour-long rain caused a power outage in the village, adding to the challenges faced by the community.