Pune: PCMC Water Supply Department’s Efforts To Regularize Water Supply Fail In Chikhli

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Chikhli, 13th April 2023: The water crisis in the Morevasti and Mhetrevasti areas of Chikhli has been escalating for the past few months. Various measures have been taken by the Municipal Water Supply Department to address this issue, but the administration has been unable to regularize the water supply. Although water timings in Mhetrevasti, Chinchecha Mala, and Morevasti areas were changed, they were met with opposition from local citizens and public representatives, leading to the decision to supply water as before.

The Water Supply Department had cited the 50-meter pipeline yet to be connected at Ashtavinayak Chowk as the reason for the lack of water supply in Morevasti. The concerned contractor was asked to lay the pipeline there by Ramnath Takle of the Water Supply Department.

Even after the pipeline was connected, the municipal administration decided to change the water timings in Mhetrevasti, Chinchecha Mala, and Morevasti areas as water supply was not smooth and with sufficient pressure. Accordingly, water was released in two stages on Wednesday (12th April). However, the Water Supply Department’s efforts failed due to inadequate planning, resulting in the decision to supply water as before.

Sanjay Sali, Water Supply Department, stated, “The residential area has expanded in the Chikhli region on a large scale. As the population increases, water planning becomes more difficult. Currently, pipeline work is underway at Patilnagar. Water will be supplied to that area from the Chikhli water treatment plant. Therefore, the water problem in Morevasti and Mhetrevasti will also be resolved in the next few days. Citizens should cooperate.”

Morevasti, Mhetrevasti, and Chikhli areas have a large number of working-class residents, with most families having both the husband and wife employed. Children’s education and home affairs depend on them, and the water supply crisis has impacted them significantly over the last few months.

Since the municipal administration will supply water to some areas in the morning and some after 10 AM, citizens will have to leave work and collect water from home, which has led to complaints from locals. Social workers Manoj Jare and Pandurang Sane have been informed of the situation, and they have demanded early morning water supply regularly and with sufficient pressure as before.

Currently, a separate pipeline is being laid to ensure smooth water supply in the Patilnagar and Chikhali Gaothan areas. This work is expected to be completed in 15 days. Once completed, the reduction in the area of the water tank at Krishnanagar will help in smoothing the water supply in Morevasti and Mhetrevasti areas. Therefore, officials suggest that if water is supplied to at least a portion for 15 days, it will be possible to supply water with sufficient pressure.


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