Pune: PCMC’s Animal Welfare Center in Nehru Nagar Serves Thousands of Injured Animals

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Pimpri, 17th October 2023: In recent times, the city has witnessed not only a rise in the number of domesticated animals but also a significant increase in the population of free-roaming animals. These animals often find themselves in distress due to accidents and injuries while navigating the urban landscape. Recognizing the need to provide timely care for these animals, the Municipal Corporation has taken a compassionate step by establishing an Animal Welfare Center in Nehrunagar.

This dedicated facility, inaugurated by the Municipal Corporation, has proven to be a haven for countless animals in distress. More than 17,000 animals have received crucial care and treatment within the span of a year, demonstrating the vital role this centre plays in ensuring the welfare of our four-legged companions.

The Municipal Corporation has partnered with “People for Animals,” a private organization, to extend its expert care to the numerous stray and injured animals that require medical attention. While pets often enjoy the benefits of timely treatment at veterinary clinics, the Animal Welfare Center stands as a lifeline for injured strays, accident victims, animals suffering from illnesses like diarrhoea and vomiting, and those in critical conditions.

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To cater to the needs of these animals effectively, the Municipal Corporation has equipped the centre with cages and other essential facilities. Frequently, animals sustain injuries in accidents on the city’s busy roads, making immediate care essential. The Veterinary Medical Department of the Municipal Corporation has issued an appeal to the public, urging them to contact the dedicated helpline at 7028714111, to ensure that injured animals receive the attention they require without delay.

The Veterinary Department of the Municipal Corporation manages complaints about accidents and diseases affecting stray animals. For the convenience of these animals and the concerned citizens, the centre operates both an Inpatient Department (IPD) and an Outpatient Department (OPD). Animals admitted to the Nehrunagar Center receive urgent care tailored to their specific needs, and once they have sufficiently recovered, they are released back to their familiar environments.

Since the initiative’s inception in September 2022, the OPD has provided treatment to 15,163 animals, while the IPD has offered specialized care to 2,077 animals with more severe injuries. The Municipal Corporation has also ensured that necessary vaccine doses are readily available to protect these animals from diseases.

Furthermore, to promote animal welfare and responsible ownership, the Animal Welfare Center actively encourages the adoption of recovered dogs and cats by individuals willing to provide them with loving homes.


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