Pune: Persistent Cement Debris Clutters Kalyani Nagar Footpaths, Residents Demand Immediate Action

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Kalyani Nagar, 8th February 2024: The residents of Kalyani Nagar, Pune, are raising their voices against the persistent issue of cement debris cluttering footpaths. Despite repeated complaints to the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), the debris remains unaddressed, causing growing concerns among pedestrians and posing significant challenges for those navigating the city’s walkways.

Location of Debris: Marigold Society, Gold Adlabs Chowk, Outside Kalpataru Society, South Avenue near Reddy Restaurant

The constant presence of broken pavements and sidewalks not only creates an unsightly environment but also poses a significant threat to the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers alike. The haphazard disposal of construction waste has turned these areas into breeding grounds for vermin, insects, and pests, contributing to the spread of diseases and creating unpleasant living conditions for residents.

Residents express their frustration with the absence of effective waste management practices and the lack of enforcement of regulations governing construction waste disposal. Despite repeated requests and complaints from the community, local authorities have failed to address this pressing issue, leaving residents to grapple with unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

The situation highlights a broader concern regarding essential infrastructure maintenance in Pune as it continues to evolve as a modern urban center. Footpath cleanliness is not merely an aesthetic concern but a crucial aspect of public safety, reflecting the city’s commitment to enhancing the overall pedestrian experience.

The residents believe that public awareness will create pressure on the authorities to prioritize the cleanliness and safety of footpaths in Kalyani Nagar.