Pune: Petition Filed Against 5 ‘Manache Ganapati Mandals’ To End Discrimination During Visarjan Procession

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Pune, 30th August 2022: At the time of immersion processions, only five most revered Ganesha mandals of Pune pass through Laxmi Road first. It is not part of law but a tradition, therefore, the restriction on other small Ganesha Mandals to use Laxmi Road for immersion is illegal and a violation of freedom granted under Article 19 of the Constitution, states a petition filed in the Bombay High Court.

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Shailesh Badai, President of Badai Samaj Trust, has filed the petition through Adv Asim Sarode.


In Pune, for Ganapati immersion processions, the administration gives priority only to the five most revered (Manache) Ganapati mandals in the city. Often, despite requests, the police do not listen, and the first five Ganapati mandals treat other mandals with contempt. These Ganapati mandals take a long time to complete the procession, and police ensure that the smaller Ganapati mandals follow behind.

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Badai, the petitioner, said that he presented the grievances filed in the petition and explained that he has the support of many small Ganpati Mandals.

The five Ganesh Mandals in Pune are Sri Kasba Ganpati, Tambadi Jogeshwari Ganpati, Guruji Talim Ganapati, Tulshibagh Ganpati and Kesariwada Ganpati. These five Ganpati mandals of are given priority during the immersion procession from Laxmi Road. They have been made defendants in the petition.


“Under which provision of the law these five mandals have the right to take out the procession first,” Sanjay Balgude asked the Police Commissioner’s office under the Right to Information Act. However, he was told there is no such written rule.

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Badhai expressed an optimistic view that Ganpati, who is the God of wisdom, will surely give wisdom to the police and the administration.


Adv Sarode said, “The Police Commissioner should give permission and provide facilities to those groups who want to take out the procession from Laxmi Road before Manache Ganpati. A clear limit should be set as to the period the Manache Ganpati Mandals should complete the immersion procession. We have requested the High Court to pass an order cancelling the customs and traditions that create and nurture fear and discrimination, and there should never be any discrimination between immersion processions. The court should order that all the Mandals follow noise pollution rules and noise limits.”


Adv. Ajinkya Udane, Adv. Ajit Deshpande, Adv. Trinal Tonpe and Adv, by Akshay Desai are also part of the team assisting Adv Sarode.