Know What Punekars Have To Say About Moonlighting

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Batul Hakim


Pune, 29th August 2022: Moonlighting is the practice of taking on additional tasks and responsibilities while working full-time for one organization. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the practice of moonlighting or working other jobs to supplement income has grown in popularity and extent.


Swapnil Arak, an accounts analyst, said, “It is a good thing as most of the jobs in India are low-paying jobs. So, for extra income, employees lean towards getting another job simultaneously. If the employee balances both jobs without letting them interfere with one another, moonlighting would be a boon to people who need extra income.”

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Mustafa Haji, the Delivery Head at an IT company, said, “When an employee is working with another organization, with two different clients who are competitors, there may be very confidential information that may be used for the wrong benefit. It causes issues and is very unethical. Recently we have seen a lot of data breaches and misuse of data taking place.”


Harshal Chavan, an Analyst at an IT firm, said, “Most companies do not allow moonlighting as it is against their code of conduct. So, if an employee does it, it is considered unethical and wrong.”


Despite the constant debate, there is no general regulation that specifies whether it is appropriate for IT workers to moonlight. Moonlighting is a very ambiguous concept.

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