Pune: Pimpri Chinchwad Announces Formation of River Security Force To Protect City’s Waterways

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Pimpri, 14th October 2023: In a determined bid to conserve the city’s rivers and ensure their protection, authorities in Pimpri Chinchwad have announced the formation of a dedicated River Security Force. This force, composed of vigilant individuals, will work together with college students who have answered the call to participate in this vital effort. At a meeting held at the main administrative building of the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC), various strategies and initiatives were discussed to safeguard the city’s waterways.


Key highlights of the plan include:


1. CCTV Surveillance: To monitor activities along the riverside, a network of CCTV cameras will be installed in the vicinity. This technological solution will aid in identifying and preventing unauthorized actions that could harm the rivers.


2. Legal Action: A stringent approach will be adopted against those who recklessly discard construction debris or garbage into the rivers. Legal cases will be filed against offenders to deter such actions and protect the river ecosystem.


3. Public Awareness: A crucial aspect of river conservation is public awareness. Commissioner Shekhar Singh emphasized the role of various social organizations and educational institutions in creating awareness among citizens. Students, teachers, and principals from local colleges will play an active part in educating the public on the importance of river preservation.


During the meeting, Commissioner Singh outlined the steps being taken by the Municipal Corporation for river conservation. These steps include an ongoing survey to prevent polluted water from entering the rivers through drainage systems. Modern technology is being employed for this survey, with mechanical screens installed on drains to prevent waste, plastic, and contaminated water from reaching the rivers. Furthermore, water purification projects have been implemented at multiple locations in the city, and new projects are currently underway.


Inspectors are rigorously examining the Pavana and Indrayani rivers within municipal limits to ensure they remain free from pollution. However, the success of these endeavours depends on creating public awareness among citizens. Social organizations, students, teachers, and principals are being invited to play an essential role in educating the public and fostering a culture of river conservation.


Citizens are encouraged to report any instances of waste disposal in riverbed areas. Students and residents can use the “Post a Waste” feature in the Smart Sarathi app to share photos or details of such activities with the Municipal Corporation. Swift action will be taken against those responsible, and efforts to clean up debris or garbage along the riverbanks will be initiated.


Commissioner Singh also underscored the opportunity for students and teachers to collaborate with the Municipal Corporation and social organizations. Together, they can engage in street plays and padayatra (public marches) to raise awareness about the importance of river conservation.


During the meeting, representatives from social organizations, teachers, and students actively contributed their insights and suggestions to support the ongoing efforts to conserve the city’s rivers.