Pune: Pimpri Chinchwad Police Swiftly Responds to Twitter Complaint, Takes Action Against Road Rage

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Wakad, 19th January 2024: In a commendable display of responsiveness, the Pimpri Chinchwad police swiftly addressed a complaint lodged on Twitter (X) by a user Karnajit, taking concrete actions against a case of road rage and hooliganism.

On the morning of 18th January, at 10:45 am, Karnajit took to Twitter to report an incident of an individual obstructing his car in traffic. The alleged perpetrator had violated traffic rules, coming from the wrong side without a helmet.

Karnajit, frustrated by the situation, tweeted, “This abusive hooligan is obstructing my car in the middle of traffic after coming from the wrong side without a helmet and without following any traffic rules. Can we expect some action against these culprits?” Accompanying his tweet was a video capturing the incident, emphasizing the severity of the situation.

The incident occurred at Tapkir Chowk, Pimpri Chinchwad, at 09:37 am, as per Karnajit’s tweet. Importantly, he noted that the evidence could be verified through the traffic camera video footage.

Responding promptly to the Twitter complaint, the Pimpri Chinchwad police, a day later, acknowledged the issue on the same social media platform. In their official reply, they announced, “Motorcyclists IDENTIFIED and booked under relevant sections of IPC & Motor Vehicles Act at Wakad Police Station. Road Rage/Hooliganism WILL NOT be tolerated.”

This swift response and decisive action by the police not only showcase the power of social media in raising awareness but also emphasize the commitment of law enforcement to ensure road safety and deter unruly behavior on the streets.