Pune: PMC Building Department Earns Rs 937 Crore Revenue From Various Permissions

PMC Pune
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Pune, 9th November 2021: The building department of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) collected 79 per cent of its estimated revenue in just seven months. A total of Rs 937 crore has been collected by the department.

The property tax department and building department are the major income source of PMC. The departments have had a big responsibility to generate income for the PMC and various measures are being taken by these departments to increase the income every year.

Many constructions are underway in the suburbs, including the central part of Pune city, for a large number of residential and commercial purposes. This includes the redevelopment of buildings as well as new construction. Permission is given by the building department after checking all the documents and maps to prevent illegal construction.


However, in many places in the city, unauthorized constructions are also taking place. The department has been taking action on such constructions including in 11 merged villages also.


Along with construction permission, the PMC also gets revenue from TDR (transfer of development rights). From April to October, the corporation has permitted 333 new constructions while 651 old permissions were corrected and reissued and PMC gets Rs 937 crore from this.

PMC City engineer Prashant Waghmare said, “The department expected Rs 1185 crore for the financial year 2021-2022. The department has received 79 per cent of estimated revenue within seven months. We are expecting more revenue in the remaining five months.”


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