Pune: PMC Earned Rs 487 Crore Through Abhay Yojana For Property Tax

Pune Municipal Corporation PMC
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Pune, January 28, 2021: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has received income of Rs 487.92 crore from ‘Abhay Yojana’ scheme for property tax arrears. While getting this income, Municipal Corporation has given a total relief of Rs 211.87 crore to the defaulters.

Meanwhile, Rs 1,370.99 crore has been deposited in the municipal corporation’s treasury from the regular income from property tax and income from Abhay Yojana.

The city has 10.81 lakh registered properties. Many of these property owners are fined 2% per month for non-payment of taxes on time due to various reasons. Due to an increase in arrears, PMC implemented ‘Abhay Yojana’ from 2nd October to 26th January. During this period, a total income of Rs 487.92 crore was deposited in the treasury of Municipal Corporation, said Hemant Rasne, Chairman of the Standing Committee.

458 properties in the city have been sealed and they have arrears of Rs 37.63 crore. A burden of Rs 12.68 crore has been imposed on 15 properties in the name of Municipal Corporation. Under the scheme, 12 property cases have been sent to the city engineer’s office for the auction process and the properties will be auctioned after market valuation. Out of these, 9 properties have been assessed by the Taxation and Tax Collection Department and the auction process is in the final stage, said Vilas Kanade, Head, Taxation and Tax Collection Department.

First big income from income tax

Since April 1, Rs 1,370.99 crore has been deposited in the municipal treasury from property tax. This is the first time that such an income from property tax has been collected from 7,74,120 property owners. During the same period last year, the income was Rs 1,138.97 crore.