Pune: PMC Earns Rs 207.41 Crore Revenue From Road Digging Permits In Last One And Half Years

PMC Pune
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Pune, 23rd October 2021: While Puneites are suffering due to continuous road digging and potholes on road, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is experiencing revenue growth due to road digging work.

In the last one and half years, the PMC collected Rs 207.41 crore from the permit fees for road digging work of 250 km of road in the city.

Although road repairs and asphalting works are done by the Road Department and ward offices of the PMC from October to May, various companies are also allowed to dig roads during this period.

Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL), mobile companies, MNGL and other companies submit proposals to PMC to expand their cable network. PMC approves private companies to dig roads by charging the fees of Rs 12,192 per running meter. Government companies get a 50 per cent discount on this rate. A concessional rate of Rs 2,350 per running meter has been given for the electricity board.

PMC had approved the digging of 238 km of roads in the year 2020-21. Out of which, permission is given for laying of Jio-digital fibre on 126 km of road. In return, PMC has got revenue of Rs 127.38 crores.

Besides, Dinesh Engineers has taken permission for 47 km road digging and paid a fee of Rs 48.58 crore. PMC has got an income of around Rs 20 crore for the electricity board, gas pipeline etc.

Speaking about this, Head of PMC’s road department V G Kulkarni said,”PMC got Rs 202 crore for road excavation last year and Rs 4 crore this year. New proposals are being filed for digging roads, so this year’s revenue will increase. Roads damaged by cables are repaired immediately.”