Pune: PMC Gears For The Municipal Election, Voter Lists To Be Updated From November 1 To 30 

PMC Pune
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Shivajinagar, 10th November 2021: Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar convened a meeting of all party leaders in the Municipal Corporation to take measures to create awareness among the people for voting in the forthcoming Municipal Corporation elections. The group leaders demanded that voter lists should not be broken in the wrong way while forming wards.


The Election Commission has undertaken the task of updating the voter lists from November 1 to 30. A special brief program has been planned for this and it is being implemented jointly by the District Collector and Pune Municipal Commissioner. Various media will be used to inform the citizens about this.


Activities such as putting up posters in crowded places, sending messages from bell carts, using municipal social media platforms, raising awareness through NGOs will be implemented. A meeting of PMC group leaders was held to discuss it too.


All the office bearers clarified that it is necessary to create public awareness to increase the turnout, for which the administration will get all the support from us. However, wards are formed in a wrong way, so there is a lot of voter turnout. A voter who casts his ballot in a place where he always casts his vote is not allowed to go to the polls.


Voter lists are falsified in a wrong way, so care should be taken, group leaders said. The administration said that if the wards were formed in a wrong manner or voter lists were broken, they would be given an opportunity to raise objections.