Pune: PMC Helps Patients Get Relief Of Rs 4 Crore In Covid Treatment Bills

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Pune, 4th June 2021: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is checking the bills given by private hospitals to the patients. The state government had recently revised the rates for beds in private hospitals.

PMC’s Health Department checks the bills and till now, they have managed to waive off more than Rs four crore of more than 1000 patients across the city. The department has also helped Rs 20 lakh refund to 26 people who had gone home after paying a humongous bill for the treatment.

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The PMC has assessed more than 1300 bills till now. After assessing these bills it came to notice that more than 1000 bills are overcharged.

After detailed auditing, several hospitals received notices from PMC in more than 100 cases. The PMC has already completed the process of 89 complaints and hospitals have been directed to do the needful.

It has helped immensely to the patients as some received more than Rs 50 thousand in refund.

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