Pune: PMC Initiates Removal of BRT Route on Nagar Road Amid Safety Concerns

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Viman Nagar, 7th December 2023: In a significant move, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has commenced the removal process of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route along Nagar Road. The decision arose due to ongoing concerns expressed by local representatives regarding the high frequency of accidents, traffic congestion, and resulting loss of lives linked to the BRT infrastructure on this crucial thoroughfare

Additional Commissioner Vikas Dhakne stated, “The Gokhale Institute has submitted a report to the Municipal Corporation regarding the removal of the remains of the BRT, which was closed due to metro work from Yerwada Parnkuti Chowki to Phoenix Mall, Viman Nagar, on the Pune-Ahmednagar highway. The decision takes into account the frequent accidents, traffic police instructions, input from local representatives, various organizations, and the demands of the citizens.”

“Overnight, the initiative to dismantle the damaged railings of the BRT and remove hazardous remnants, inoperable due to ongoing metro work, has commenced.”

Activist Qaneez Sukhrani added, “I have been the strong opponent of BRTS ever since it was conceptualised and I have made my views public from time to time. So it has brought great cheer and relief to us citizens who traverse the dangerous BRTS corridor on Nagar Road. It also is a mark of respect to all those who have had accidents and lost their lives all these years. I am very grateful to Vikas Dhakne, PMC Additional Commissioner, who accepted my logical arguments that value of life is much more than any amount of public money spent and for having Gokhale Institute to do the survey. As soon as the survey report came in yesterday, the demolition started at night to avoid inconvenience to traffic.”

MLA Sunil Tingre, a vocal advocate for the removal of the BRT route, highlighted the longstanding sufferings of local citizens and commuters traversing Nagar Road due to the traffic woes caused by the BRT system. He reiterated his demand for the route’s removal on multiple occasions, addressing the adverse impact it had on the daily lives of residents and travelers.

Expressing his support for the decision, Tingre reflected on his efforts in the state legislature assembly through LAQ’s (Legislative Assembly Questions), emphasizing the urgency of addressing the escalating traffic issues and safety hazards plaguing Nagar Road due to the BRT setup.

The inspection conducted by Commissioner Vikram Kumar and Additional Commissioner Vikas Dhakne, accompanied by MLA Sunil Tingre, underscored the concerns regarding traffic congestion and the heightened risk of accidents posed by the existing BRT infrastructure. The removal of the BRT system is anticipated to mitigate these issues, offering respite from frequent accidents and protracted traffic snarls that had become a recurrent occurrence along Nagar Road.

The decision to dismantle the BRT route aligns with the collective effort to enhance road safety and alleviate traffic congestion, aiming to provide a safer and more expedient commute for residents and commuters frequenting this critical route in Pune.