Pune: PMC Mandates Use of Treated Sewage Water in Construction; Launches Mobile App for Easy Access

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Pune, 30th May 2023: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has introduced a mobile app called ‘PMC STP Water Tanker System’ to facilitate the request and delivery of treated sewage water for construction purposes. With the aim of conserving potable water, PMC has mandated the use of treated sewage water in construction activities within the city.


The newly launched mobile app streamlines the process of obtaining treated sewage water for builders and developers. To avail the service, developers must register on the app, providing details of their construction sites. Once registered, they can place their orders for treated water through the app.


Water tanker owners who are interested in transporting the treated water to construction sites have already registered with the service. When placing a request for treated water, developers need to identify the respective tanker owner and make the payment as per the prescribed rates, as informed by a PMC official.


In order to conserve water resources, the civic body has strictly prohibited the use of potable water for construction purposes. With the state government emphasizing the need for judicious water usage due to the anticipated low rainfall this year, local bodies have been directed to prioritize water conservation measures.