Pune: PMC Offers Loan Facility To Citizens To Pay Property Tax Dues

Pune Municipal Corporation PMC
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Pune, December 28, 2020: Many city-based cooperative banks have come forward to provide loan facility to Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) property tax holders who want to repay their dues. PMC has extended the amnesty scheme for property tax between January 1 to 26 and will grant a 70 percent rebate on the penalty amount.

In the second phase of the amnesty scheme, PMC has given facilities to give loan options to citizens who want to pay property tax dues. Corporation had called a meeting of cooperative banks to provide loan facilities to citizens who are not able to pay property tax dues due to covid-19 pandemic situation. 

Vilas Kanade, Joint Municipal Commissioner, Property tax department has issued a press release about the loan facility.

“Suvarnayug Sahakari bank, Janata Sahakari Bank and Saraswat co-operative bank have shown interest to provide loan facility to property tax holders”, Kanade stated.

Banks will provide loans as per rules and regulation of banking. Corporation has set up a wing to coordinate with banks and property tax holders for loan proposals. For more detailed information contact-020-25501155.

PMC has also appealed to all other banks to come forward to contribute to the development of the city.