Pune: PMC Plans Rs 1384 Crore Sewage Management System For 23 Villages

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Pune, 6th November 2023: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has devised Rs 1384 crore scheme to establish a sewage management system in 23 newly included villages. Since it’s not feasible to allocate such a substantial sum at once, the municipality has opted to secure a bank loan of Rs 530 crore for the initial phase of this initiative. Requests for proposals will be issued to banks for this purpose.

In July 2021, the state government expanded the Pune Municipal Corporation’s jurisdiction to encompass 23 villages. Local residents have continually expressed concerns about the absence of infrastructure facilities in these villages. The escalating construction and population growth in the area have exacerbated sewage-related challenges. Eleven villages were incorporated into the municipality in 2017, where sewage channel and sewage treatment projects totaling Rs 392 crore are currently underway, with completion anticipated by 2025.

Subsequently, a plan has been devised for these 23 newly included villages, taking into account population growth until 2054. It encompasses a comprehensive network of 471 km of sewage canals, with the primary sewage channels extending over 90.52 km. The estimated cost for this project is Rs 922.65 crores. The plan also includes the construction of seven sewage treatment plants with a collective capacity of 201 MLD located at Mahalunge, Pisoli, Nanded (Pune), Holkarwadi, Wagholi, Manjari, and Gujar Nimbalkarwadi, which is projected to cost Rs 450.73 crores. The comprehensive proposal totals Rs 1384.12 crore, inclusive of various other works.

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Given the scale of this project, the municipality intends to commence the work by securing loans in areas slated for imminent land acquisition. Manjari and Mahalunge are the two initial locations. While the overall project cost amounts to Rs 1384 crores, the first phase, costing Rs 530 crores, will be initiated by inviting loan proposals from banks. The loan will be procured from the bank offering the most favorable interest rate.

Villages included in the expansion:
Bavdhan, Narhe, Jambhulwadi, Kolewadi, Kondhve Dhavde, New Kopare, Mhalunge, Sus, Manjari, Shewalwadi

Sewage Treatment Plants-
Mahalunge: 38 MLD
Manjari: 45 MLD

Sewerage Infrastructure-
Total Length: 198.60 Kms
Length of Main Sewage Channel: 32.50 Kms

Estimated Expenditure: Rs 543.77 Crores