Pune: PMC Readies For Conducting COVID19 Vaccination

Pune Municipal Corporation PMC
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Pune, December 8, 2020: After getting information from the Centre regarding the distribution of the Coronavirus vaccine, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is gearing up for the cold storage it will require. In that regard, it has spoken with few of the industries to provide their cold storages to them.

With limited time, it is difficult for the corporation to construct its cold storages. Four industries have shown willingness to provide the cold storage for keeping the vaccine. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited all the vaccine producing companies in the country, ICMR has intimated that the vaccine will reach by December end.

Pune was a leading city in the number of cases and thus with a high number of patients, the medical staff and other workers involved in it will be given priority for vaccination. However, municipal corporations will be responsible for the storage of the vaccines. PMC had tried to construct the cold storage on the lines of Mumbai municipal corporation, but the time and money involved in it came as a hindrance.

Thus, PMC had invited applications from the companies of which four industries have shown the willingness. Few of these industries have cold storages of international level and have trucks with cold storage facility.