Pune: PMC Gives Go Ahead For E-Bike Renting Project, 2000 Charging Points To Be Set Up

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Mehab Qureshi

Pune 8th December 2020: In continuance with the preliminary sanction of PMC’s City Improvement Committee and the opinion given by the road department of PMC to Standing Committee, The Committee today gave a go-ahead to the E-bike renting project along with setting up of 2000 EV Charging points at 500 various locations across the Pune City.

Standing Committee Chairman Hemant Rasne said that in order to minimize the use of Petrol & Diesel vehicles that emit harmful gases and pollute the environment, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has given NOD to this project, which is expected to hit the road in a couple of months. The venture has been approved under the green Pune initiative, wherein a company called VTRO Motors Pvt Ltd will be taking charge of all the costs incurred for this project along with all the operations on revenue sharing basis with the PMC.

Considering the rapid urbanization, officials feel that a project such as this one will promote a greener environment. The Committee said, “E-bikes will ensure low-cost & end to end connectivity over Metro lines too.”

Also, the Municipal Corporation will not bear any cost for the entire project.

Co-founders of VTRO Dr Heramb Shelke and Er Pranit Parekar Jointly said that VTRO Motors have taken into consideration the full damage control, robbery issues of the previously run cycle project by developing IOT enabled, futuristic, Mobile and GPS controlled bikes and charging stations which has multiple sensors built in the units for the desired safety.

“W are setting up standard & fast chargers points along with the bikes which will be app-enabled for Daily, Monthly and Weekly usage as per the choice of an individual. We have now got approval for 2000 charging points across 500 locations in the city with 25 thousand bikes and are in pipeline with the other Municipal Corporations for setting up 50,000 charging points with a number of 25 Lakhs EV bikes across India within 36 months”, added the CFO Dipak Harne.

Punekars will create a magic in the green revolution by using maximum EV bikes in the coming future and making Pune pollution-free said former City Improvement Committee Chairman & Corporator Amol Balwadkar.

The Pune Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar, Additional Municipal Commissioner (Estates) Kunal Khemnar and Chief Engineer (Roads) VG Kulkarni also gave a principal ok to this upcoming project and said that the PMC will always support such projects that will add to the green revolution of the city.

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